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Born into a family late in life, I have always been attached to the 1930’s and 40’s, even though I was a child of the Woodstock loving 70’s. Writing has always been my sidekick from an early age, and in 1991 I became a ghostwriter, which then continued to my own books. Raised with values of an open mind, open heart and open door I firmly believe we are all in this life together, walking the same road home. I also believe there was a rewrite in OZ when Dorothy was asked what her hearts desire was, because she had to have said, “There’s nothing like reading, nothing like reading” before she clicked her heels.










Stardust is my latest release and one that touches my heart. It is the last case Hamilton Riggs will have, and he does it in style with both Hollywood and History. In Stiletto he was in the world of dolls and drag queens, lost without a clue. Now  he has clues everywhere and not sure who is guiding him.  Vintage film The Black List, Friends of Dorothy and the hand of God ... don't say you weren't warned.  A fun read, that makes you think and points out the past is closer than we want to admit.


Unusual Story About the Author


Raised by a cop, I traveled to Police Conventions across the country and saw a world not many ever know, molding me into a person who believes all life is of value and sacred. To that end, I once gave mouth to mouth to a goldfish with a cocktail straw, and applied salt CPR - got another year out of that guy!  I am also a huge doll and Nightmare Before Christmas collector, love old cartoons and have saved every postcard I was ever sent. If there is a toy in the road I will rescue and repair it, sending it off to charity and a loving heart. I love Big Band music, as well as hard rock, and once found myself on the tour bus with Slayer after a fast mosh pit and a flying bottle of Captain Morgan almost took out a dear friend.

Along with the stuffed variety, as mentioned above, live animals are always on my radar to be rescued (frogs top the list). A favorite family story, is about "Cleve" a  Whites Tree Frog, that I noticed at the pet shop. Near death, the store employee gave him to me, after I made a scene. After tucking him into my cleavage, for warmth during the cold and snowy drive home, I discovered a very alert and happy friend when we arrived. Cleve soon became a favorite, and lived for many years. Never question the power behind a 38 or a pair of them, mystery writer, or serial killer!


Glint in the Dark, is about a rock and roll serial killer that dips his microphone into the ink well of Manson, touching on my eclectic love of music, and police. A third of the proceeds from that book were earmarked to the West Memphis 3 legal fund, because we need to help when we can.  I also bake, and have become infamous for my cinnamon rolls.  I believe life is a series of treasures we either experience or collect, and it is our job to share them with others any way we can.  Because I have a keen sense of rhyming I've been the family greeting card and occasional spell creator for as long as I can remember, which the dark and Gothic side of me loves.


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